The Giant Stands Before You, You Will Not Pass

I have a real feeling of Deja Vu, of things
happening that I can’t control, but still happening because they’re
meant to.
Before I left China, and I did hang on there far longer than I should
have done, I had the overwhelming feeling that I must return here. It’s
proving to be right.
But what else is happening feels absolutely like a giant standing in my
way. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try to help to keep
things moving forward, the Giant still stands. “You will not pass”.
I’m not an idiot, and I have learned to read this when it’s happening,
and right now it seems powerful.
More powerful than I can control, and all my might doesn’t even make
the giant flinch.
It’s like “this path is not for you”. Everything I have tried to do to
help my girl seems to be failing, and it only leads to one outcome. I
hope I am wrong, because that’s not what I want to happen.
It seems to be failing because maybe it’s supposed to.. and that just
makes me want to cry….
It’s lucky my music and the Ghost are here to take care of my dark
thoughts, as they always have and always will.
This is not what the Ghost wanted, and the giant Blue skinned one has
never wanted anything but the best for me, so he is feeling it too…Stay strong, even when times are hard, keep going…