Alone In The Dark Music Business

Try not do things alone, it’s tough, and it’s taken it’s toll on me.
I wish, wish, wish I had good people to collaborate with, and believe me I have tried to kick that off with people over the years.
Ego gets in the way, or people are real lazy, don’t take it seriously.
Then there is the feeling that people are just looking after number 1.>br>

I’m not dishing out advice, but I’m more an example of what not to do.
But trying to do it all alone, will affect anything and everything you do, as well as your personal life.
As well as the day job, learning about internet technologies, internet marketing, keeping up with new music, reading marketing books, film scoring books, responding to messages from people.
Even when I was signed on three labels, never felt I had help. Never got asked to
go to a mastering session, told about promotion , or given much advice worth remembering.

The advice I got in Detroit was a shocking difference that put it into stark perspective.
What’s slowed me down is having to juggle everything, but I just have to deal with it.
Hopefully that will change, but trying to wear different hats will consume too much of your time and focus.
I think as well putting a daily limit of how much time I spend on the internet each day has to happen.
You could spend every day reading marketing articles, tweaking your website, sitting on myspace, looking for gigs, films to do.

Bottom line is you still need high quality regular releases of material.
So from today, I limit my time, to the stopwatch.
I note as well as I’m listening to the Mad Mike interview, how they have the business side well organized,
and lifted from their shoulders so they can concentrate on production and sharpening of skills.
20 years on (nearly) that’s hard to ignore or dismiss.

So please forgive me if I’m not so fast on the replies, I’m trying to make some stuff to give to you.
I am adopting the attitude of delivering new music to people, rather than waiting for them to find me.
So when I discover a new fan on Myspace, Facebook or wherever, I get a kick out of that.
It’s because I give a shit about music, and it’s what I’m on the planet to do.
Even if I fail, I’ll still be making twisted stuff when I’m old and grey, because what else am I going to do? There are no other paths to take…..
One of the biggest things that inspires me and keeps me going, is to go back to Detroit having achieved something for them to be proud of.

Having 2 respected figures go to bat for me TWICE, is something I feel I need to repay.
Just the fact that they believed in what I do has kept me going.
Never had anything happen like that at home or in Europe.
So get some help and backup, and your battle won’t be as arduous as mine, trust me…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks