Reversing The Hands Of Time

Reversing the way I work with time has worked.
Being honest about how much time I waste, and I mean waste getting sidetracked or sucked into doing too much all at once.
There are only so many things that can be done in a day, only so many messages sent,
articles read, sites updated, the list could go on.
If only I could cut food and sleep I’d be laughing….
Realizing that I’m dead, on many levels,, without an insane upsurge in track output,
I flipped the whole routine into reverse.
Instead of working on music after looking at websites, articles, myspace, facebook, last f m, I flipped it to the first thing I do.

This has worked in forcing what needs to be done most, back where it should be.
A quality track a week is now a serious prospect, and it also means I’ll be sharp as fuck skills wise, rather than deteriorating through being sucked into other tasks.

To be able to fight with the best I must train like a fighter does.
Feels good and feels like a good decision made, should have made it years ago.
Saving more time by using Last Fm to keep up with and discover music I didn’t know about, you can see the stuff I’m listening too on both Myspace and
I’m listening to it now as I write, sure you can guess the kind of stuff that’s on there…

So the battle is on, bring it on, even have a new finished track to show for it, ready to send off into battle.
Pretty soon there will be a crack unit of twisted manitou to cover
the Lone soldiers back….