Dark Electro – “Fuel To The Fire”,1 a week 47 tracks to go

Dark Electro -Fuel To the Fire, number 3 of 50.
This could be another theme for the Ghost, but we’ll see what happens
in the coming months before I give it that honour. I’ll post each track
here and on last fm, myspace (facebook can forget it).


I do what I say I’m going to do, always.
Once again I let actions do the talking and the music speak for itself.
Sure lots of people thought 1 a week wouldn’t happen,
well here it is, and they’re not crap either are they?

We’ll let things happen on the field of play,
and yet again I challenge in a few years where I’ll be and where
the doubters will be, I’ll gladly throw down that gauntlet.

Film Makers and Music people talk a lot,
as I’ve discovered, they don’t do what they say most of the time.
I’m saying nothing more than you judge for yourself by listening to the
recent Orchestral film demos of mine, and decide why they’re not
going to feature in any films. Again, we’ll let results do the talking.

I did discover in interviews that the most successful composers,
time after time, know when to fight, flex, or walk away.
But they are NOT generic, doing music by numbers or plagiarism.
They bring something to the table unique to them, they fit the film.
The film will be badly damaged by adding something over produced.
But that’s a lesson I don’t need to learn…..