Dark Electro – “Gasoline Tears” – The 1 a week Experiment

Finally reached track Number 4
This is the first month, and so far it’s going pretty well.
The pressure of releasing every track each week, doesn’t seem to bother me.
At least not too much, if I can get this to become normal,
maybe even cut it down to 4 or 5 days, then I can take a break!

I don’t really believe in Feng Shui, BUTI noticed something.
Where I make tracks now is with my back to the window, door to the right.
A thought occured to me, all the places where i had written my best tracks
had been with, you guessed it, window behind me, door to the right.

In fact this is how I started 13 years agoso things have
come full circle. Is it a coincidence? Or did it have to happen.
I don’t know, all know is it’s working, so when I move, shortly I hope,
I’ll try to set things up that way again.

Maybe I need to turn my back on the world,away from the light,
to be able to explore the underworld where The Ghost lives.
Anyway, I need to take a break, but I’ll see you all next week with another tune.

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