Dark Electro -“Resident Evil” The Experiment Continues…

Resident Evil was a struggle to make not sure why.
Just really couldn’t get my mind in gear, but as usual I somehow come
up with the goods.
I think I’m slowly starting to see the benefit of doing one track a week.

Having a bad time but still delivering has to be the mark
of a determined character and mental strength. But you judge for yourself.
A real benchmark will be in 3 months, to look back over the tunes,
and weigh up what the results are.

Number 5 of 50 was the toughest so far but still turned out ok.
The title comes from another Myspace arsehole, you would seriously think they
would bother to read my blog. Then they would find out I can spot someone trying to
play mind games. Like a crackshot sniper, I’m going to nail them from miles away.

The “critique” was sounds like a Resident Evil soundtrack,
of course it was meant to insult, not realising that I am the BIGGEST Resi fan,
and I know the music throughout all those games, it’s fucking good.
Of course game music these days, is a long way from second rate, so more ignorance.

I let the guy know, straight between the eyes so he won’t try it again.
Will they never learn? I swear I’m as close to reading minds as you could get.
Yet I don’t think it actually is, just heightened instinct only.
It’s something we all have, just don’t read it or use it well enough

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