Dark Electro – “Nightdrive Detroit” Track 6 of 50 – Bullets Are Ready

“Nightdrive Detroit” leaves 44 tracks to go.
I’m learning a lot about my own techniques, and how
to find ways to speed them up as much as possible.
The mix is always a struggle, but that’s mainly because
of the desire for real bass and punch.

Using headphones doesn’t help either,
but you just have to use what you have, I’m
finding ways around avoiding the colour in the phones, but anyway, don’t want to talk technical.

Drawing up a short list of labels
to start sending to, underground of course, problem is
got to get it to peoples attention.
It could easily just join a big pile, but the
shot has to be taken.

It worked for me before, but that was a while back!
Things have changed, but feels like things have come
back to where I first started.
So keep watching, we’ll see what kicks off, could be
a total dusty silence, we’ll see.

There’s an article here about me writing 1 track a week.

Nice to see someone thinks it’s all worth doing.
As usual though it’s not someone from the Uk, surprise.

And don’t forget, if you like the music, spread the word,