The Boom Goes On – Electro – “7 Deadly Sons”

The last two tunes took 5 days each.
So even though I put the work in to get them done,
there was still enough time to take a break, and work on internet stuff etc.
It seems like I post each track in a million places…

Now I’m toying with basic video,
Just a screen visualizer, think it’s more interesting
to look at, and another way to try to get stuff out there.
When I finally get some video of me out and about,
I’ll post that too, but it will be a while.

The time to send the bullets flying is close.
The 1 a week experiment is going well, and because
of that it’s time to demo out to some underground labels,
and just see what happens. I have 15+ targeted so far.
It’s been a while so I just don’t know how it will go.

Last Fm has been going well too
I’ve had that nagging feeling in the back of my brain
that I should be putting all my time in there,
and so far it seems that instinct is probably true.
I had the biggest jump in website stats, since I started.

So I’ll be putting a lot more time,
sleeping a lot less, while I try to tell as many people about
the new stuff as I can.
Good reactions too and even a couple of people who
have my old records, amazing after so long.

Maybe another sign I’m not wasting my time…