Sonic Magnum Round 1 – Electro – “The Angriest Angel”

I’ve waited 10 years + to use this title.
I wanted to give it to a track that was worthy of it,
it’s significant to me, I hope it becomes that in the real world.
I think it will be the lead track for the demos.

There are now 21 demo packages ready.
Detroit, Florida, Germany, Uk, pretty much
all over. Those where I couldn’t find an address, I contacted,
those that replied will get a demo, bar one who
already said it wasn’t his style.

The intention of all this is not for big sales,
but to be prolific, to raise my profile, and get out there,
playing and performing, earning too!
I don’t believe sales at this level will earn much,
but regular performances will be just about right.

The biggest response I get (Myspace, etc) is “When are you playing?”
not “where can I buy”, which makes sense to me.
I’m trying to get people into it by offering something
of value, which will get them to a gig later on.
Reading more and more internet marketing, this adds up.

The hard sell doesn’t work anymore,
but testing what messages and tactics work the best,
has helped a great deal.
I bend over backwards to offer something worthwhile
to people who are likely to enjoy it….and I don’t do spam, got it?

Thanks to Fenducci for linking to my site.

They seem to like what I’m doing, and were kind enough to put
a link up there, so go and have a look what Electronic madness they’re up to.