Volume 1 Complete – Electro – The Ghost Walks With You

This is a real insight into the volcanic landscape
of the place that The Ghost That Walks inhabits.
It’s almost as if I just took a break, came back,
and the malevolent one had written this track.

I’d got frustrated with what I tried not working,
scrapped how many basslines, sounds, beats…
Then realized I was trying to produce too much,
just let go and let that evil mofo do what he wants.
You can hear what my mind feels like.

It’s not normal by any stretch of hallucination,
but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
The Ghost is as supportive and constructive as any ally.
It feels like madness, but has never been destructive.
But I get why some artists go mental or become addicts.

Anyway, the blue skinned one has enough press,
at least for today, and is more than pleased to have
shown me how it’s done. I can hear his guttural
chuckling as we speak.
No need to call an ambulance, this IS normal for me.

Vol 1 Complete Track 10 of 50,
a worthy member of the ten, onto Vol 2.
I have an IDEA, and only an idea to
try ambient versions using the same sounds,
for Dark Films 2, but I don’t know if I can do it!

2 days tops for dark ambient, 2 tracks a week?!!!!??