Blindsided – Electro – Clawing Back On Schedule

Life gets in the way as usual.
If only I could erase life and just work on the electro,
things would be so much simpler.
I’m way behind schedule but pulling things back slowly.

Some tracks will now feature 2 parts,
twisting the original tune with the same elements
to a time limit of 1 to 2 days max.
This should get me back on track slowly.
Lots more in the pipeline.

I’m starting to look for a Nine Inch nails style singer,
female I thnk would be the best fit,
and have the most appeal to both guys and girls.
A very tough task in Medway, so if you know
of anyone in that area, please get in touch.

In 6 months I’ll have my live kit ready,
as well as being mobile for recording the chosen singer.
The style isn’t going to change.
Dark , full on Electro. But someone put the idea
in my head so let’s follow the rabbithole…

Thanks to BlackAnnis and Lizaah for the photos
you can see them in the video,
If anyone has similar photos please let me know.
I need lots more each week for each track.

Really need more dangerous tour ideas
, got virtually no response last time so please, ask around,
people must know or have heard about these places….