No Hope, No Love, Only underground

No Hope, No Love was ready last Monday.
I just didn’t feel the time was right to post it here.
It puts me another week behind,
but I’m soldiering on, as the results are still good.

“No Hope, No love, Only Underground…”
Is my favourite Underground Resistance phrase,
and that’s where the title of the latest tune is from.
I guess I understand this more than ever.

I haven’t lost hope of either,
I just don’t bank on them anymore.
whatever comes , comes, but the only thing
that stays the same is the dark music, the solace of the Underground.
Jobs, people, friends, lovers will come and go…

But the dark tones will always remain
after everything else is raised to the ground.

The Ghost, Me and the irresistable lure of the underworld.
So as my instincts prove me right yet again,
it’s no surprise another part of the trail is burnt in the road.

I was never meant for anything else,
and never will be.
No Hope
No Love
Only Underground

and nothing else besides….