68 Liquid – Built To Shake The Bones

This will be short and to the point.
I’m beginning to forget why I post here…
Too much bland talk and not enough about who I really am.
An emotional force.

A volcanic, fucked up, battle scarred
creator from the dark depths the rest of you are scared to look into.
This stuff is about EMOTION.
Forget the technical, forget the production.
Do you FEEL IT??

It’s what I search for in every tune.
Just let go and feel it..
let the Ghost scream and roar and scare the
the shit out of me, and maybe even you,
If you’re lucky enough to feel the tones the way I do.

Music may be free for a while.
But that does not mean it has no value.
The next time you ask me to do something for free,
or if someone asks you to do the same think twice.
My art has true value, is no bullshit, and deserves to be my living.

More about this in the next post…
The Ghost Walks With You…