The Electro Year Of The Ghost

Finally, after a long silence I’ll write something new here.
There has been a reason, and since it’s obvious from the removal of video and mp3 from right across the internet on EVERY site I touch, you know something is up. Strange how only a couple of people have asked me…

I took down the Mp3 and stopped the free downloads for 2 reasons.
Firstly, despite all the free goodwill, seems virtually no one was buying or supporting the artist, film makers too are STILL, despite me making it clear, expecting something for peanuts or nothing. Art IS worth something, the internet and P2P has NOT wiped that out so wake up.

I’ll challenge that because of the music/film industry and it’s legal pursuers starting to go after ISPs’ instead of torrent sites and downloaders, the “free” days of music and film are numbered. The ISPs’ WILL crack under legal pressure and disconnect broadband accounts and no bleating about privacy will stop it.

It’s starting in France, and will spread worldwide slowly but surely.
So you better be prepared for it, although the industries will never be the same again.

Second Reason is, I am trying to sort out a deal.
It’s early days yet but it’s serious enough for me to pull all the relevant tracks.
I’m sorry to say to all those people who enjoyed, appreciated the free stuff,that there will be no more free material.
It’s  looking very good for being a physical release route from now on.
This is VERY big news and could be the biggest deal of my life.
When it’s concrete I’ll give you more details, just waiting for it to be sealed.

If all works out ok it will be the platform I’ve always wanted and needed and worked so hard for. So watch this space because finally, the Electro is coming good in 2008 and this could really be just the beginning for The Ghost That Walks. It shows that never giving up was worth it, I was RIGHT and a big FUCK YOU to all those who doubted me and dissed me.

What you will see more is Video on places like You Tube and many others. As things develop this will replace Mp3 for anything audio and I hope for more interesting posts in the future of my travels and new deeper, darker and more deadly tunes than ever.

I WILL write my thoughts here more often now,
adding extra media for you at a later date, so stay tuned and keep it dark…

The Ghost That Walks