The Automaton Awakes – The March Begins

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I apologize to you all for not posting for so long.
I don’t like to write just for the sake of it.
Things are so close now it’s agony, then it can all begin again from the start.
All the old studio, the past that I cling onto, has gone forever.

It feels like a giant automaton is about to awaken,
after what feels like a thousand years to figure out how to move it.
Slowly and breathtakingly, the giant is raising itself to it’s feet.
Exciting times are ahead, and I can feel it coming.

Each building block that slams into place is an unshakeable one.
Much better than ever in the past,
the studio will be rebuilt with the kind of equipment I could only wish for.
The Ghost transport is ready to eat the miles of asphalt to play for the bass hungry electro heads around Europe and beyond.
All of this is taking time, but the foundations are very, very solid.

The automaton is coming, slowly, deliberately, but an unstoppable force for future electro.

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks