Two Major Signings Before The Deadline

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After much speculation, that I don’t keep my word, it begins.
Tone Death FC is a new team for sonic destruction. managed by The Ghost That Walks.
I do what I say, and this is just the start with 9 more signings this season.
Each player brings their own devestating strengths.

Some are older , more experienced, others are new pretenders.
The Yamaha AW4416 comes in as the first Centre Back, a seasoned campaigner with an impressive history.
Marshalling the tone defence and rock solid under hellfire both on stage and in the Crypt.
Watch out for the wiley Waves 96K card to cement the walls for intense battle even further.

The Peavey Kosmos Pro at Left Midfield, an underrated class act.
Much maligned because of it’s family, the Peavey has a score to settle.
Sculpting the bass bombs in a way even the Waves and DBX masters can’t match.
A hungry maestro who will create the deepest hz for the front players,
whilst preventing the team from being overloaded and distorted off the pitch.

The transfer window has closed for now, but watch out for new signings in a few months.

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks