The Crow Walks With You

Something about 4 crows fighting as I walked past, me and the presence of crows is a very common thing, inspired me to get the website a bit more current.

Track 19 , “I Came Back For You” will be done soon, still can’t believe the total and the quality. It proves re-engineering your mind IS possible, and I never thought engineering creativity would work out this well.

I will never look back, never stop except for a week or two break, and be the prolific artist I always wanted to be.
Time to make up for the time I lost and kick arse, take on the competition, and even if I don’t win, give them the scare of their life. I’m coming for you….

Anyone who would like some tips on altering your mind and it’s creativity, I’m happy to tell you what I did, as it wasn’t easy, but perseverance pays off.

Living for the beats, the bass and the sounds from another world, till the day I die…

The Ghost That Walks