I Came Back For You – Track 19 Electro Breaker

This was a little hard, but as usual turned out pretty good in the end, like they always do.
I will actually be discarding some good tunes, but the standards keep flying higher.

My mind tried to just grind to a halt the last 2 weeks, as if it has done enough and doesn’t need to do anymore. I spotted this and slowly pulled it back around.

I know it can be done and 45-48 tracks each and every year is very possible, if you make it part of everyday life, and not the magical holy grail.

You can drip feed your creativity, treat it like a well that runs dry after 2-3 hours, but fills up the next day. This avoids burnout because its not kicked hard and always coaxed into small steps.

Think I made the mistake of trying to push too hard as I missed a few days through passing out sleeping after work. Now I know what to avoid doing.

“I Came Back For You” is number 19 of the biggest batch of electro breaks tunes I’ve ever done. Amazingly it looks like the train is going to keep on rolling.

The Ghost Walks With You