Eyes On Fire – Energy Tanks Unlimited Fuel

Sometimes I feel like energy sparks and flows from my hands like a beam of organic energy. Been feeling that way a lot, and sometimes when I strike gold on a track, its core tells you , that’s it, you nailed another one.

I was able to sit, while listening to “Eyes On Fire” (20th Electro track), and push rushes all over my body, then after 1 wave, push them out again. The music and concentrating on it, letting it flow over you, is what drives that.

Sometimes I feel like the guy from Scanners (cool cult film if you’ve never seen it), with his eyes blown out of their sockets, and flames coming from his upturned palms, just before he takes over a raging Michael Ironside’s body.

Yet another cool tune on the way, almost at the halfway point, no turning back now,what it proves is that energy and instinct tell me exactly where to go and how to sound. Your feeling tells you ‘it’s wrong – change it’ or ‘that’s it – keep that’.

Very pleased to be able to update everything from my phone, still need a higher version of android, then I can do even more.

Energy cells, unlimited travel , any point or grid reference…

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