Man Of The Cult – 21st Electro Occultism

“Man Of The Cult” – the 21st high quality electro tune of the Universal Electro batch. The last 5 have raised the bar to a higher level.

It does sometimes feel as if malevolent forces are pulling my strings like a bizarre marionette, and that what spews out has nothing to do with what I want.

I was just chosen as being the vessel to transport the word of the cult, whether I like it or not.

That’s my destiny and I cannot escape it or change it.

There are never ideas, concepts, musings, just a blank mind, emptiness…
Then I turn the key in the lock, let the spirit through and it begins.

The Ghost That Walks then directs what sounds are approved by the underworld, and will pass the demonic test. If I don’t get it right, I will be tortured from within until I do.

There is no escape….

So now I start onto the 22nd scroll, more spells to be cast.

The Ghost walks with you…
The Ghost That Walks