Broken In Two – Combat The Sea Of Minus

After what seems like eons, I finished this track pretty late. The tracks still fly, even under extreme circumstances, but it’s hard being in a negative home and workplace, not to be affected by that.

The 22nd of the Universal batch is a hefty tally, and learning so much about how that volcanic leviathan of dark mysticsm functions, and how to keep it making soldiers, is eye opening.

Think the worst is now over, halfway there, and The Ghost wants those 40 plus tracks by the end of November. If it can be done the first year it will be every year, just have to prove that it is possible, that the medal can be won.

Fear of failure holds you back, but there are no options or second chances anymore, to be the touring, prolific and acclaimed artist, work has to be done.

The negative home I can change for the better, so shields up and lose myself in the world of The soundtrack of The Ghost That Walks.

Work too will change, just a matter of time, who knows what else will change, but the soundscapes must and will continue.

It’s what my sole existence was built, moulded and honed for. Electronic warfare.

The Ghost walks with you…
The Ghost That Walks