Blood & Lace – 2 Sides To Every Story

Wheels begin to lock and intertwine yet again, and the universal clock takes another leap towards my goals. At least I hope so, because it’s been a long time coming.

A new base is needed where I can relax, continue my dark experiments, as well as some more privacy.
Tracks can flow under extreme circumstances but that doesn’t mean I should suffer for it.

My new job applications are in and if I land a new role, a decent place of my own to rent, a proper base for the black operations to spread their shadowy fingers from.

The timing would be to the nano second, so just keeping my universal thoughts tuned, and hoping my good karma is about to splay it’s wings and land.

Track number 25, Blood & Lace, a weird blend of techno, electro and dark ghostly speech, is added to the ranks.
Still odds on for 40 tunes by December of this year.
A 3:30 am finish and somehow I am still functioning, running on something, ghost occult plutonium maybe…

The Ghost Walks with You …
The Ghost That Walks