Command On Demand

Been a while since I posted, having been thrown out of my previous place by a paranoid angry idiot, moved to a fantastic place and finally settled in.

The writing break always happens when I move, like a tree being uprooted, it takes weeks for me to settle.Since this is my 24th move, you can understand why.

One of the things that throws my creative monsters into a corner to recharge for a while and lick their wounds.
It has been hard to start again, and slow, proves even more that long breaks do me no good at all, but 30 plus quality tracks is a heavy box full of electro breaks weaponry.

So I shouldn’t beat myself up so much.

When the clock strikes for the 1st December, I will set the counter to 0 and it begins again. I’m curious to see how far I can take the 2nd year of disciplined writing, but none of this would happen without my dark passenger.

The Ghost still walks …