Tazers In The Sun – No 31

Just when I thought this was going to be a slow end to the tracks for the last 12 months, Tazers turns it all around. This one (no 31) will blow up your car, your house and probably next door as well.

I may just squeeze out track 32 before the 1st Dec, but it proves that keeping going and not stopping is far, far better than taking breaks.

Experimenting with writing straight after I return home, has worked. It makes it the priority instead of starting after screwing with watching TV or getting distracted. It also seems to get better quality results faster.

Seems your mind likes schedule and routine, so now I need to set a schedule for the weekend, with some flexibility built in if I need to go anywhere. It would be very cool to finish each tune in 5 days and take the weekend off, but thats a tall order, as each one can be different.

Some come easy, others take a little while before they come good. But after this length of time, knowing you can do it, and still produce high quality, inventive underworld destruction, I wish I had done this years ago.

Really though, I never could have, you have to understand your own mind and head to be able to train it. Guess I’m making up for lost ground. The advantage I have is that even now, no one sounds like me, I have my own style, and it doesn’t fade heavily over time.

Just refuse to walk away knowing I could be part of something, and be out there playing and travelling, like I should be. I think, or I know I stack up heavily to the competition.

The Ghost That Walks

The Ghost Walks With You