Cadaver Jack

Cadaver Jack is the 2nd tune of the 2nd year run so far. The first one was ok but not up to the standard I’m after. Cadaver Jack started off with a bassline sounding like cockney zombie electro, but scrapped it as I couldn’t get anything to fit with it.

The new version sounds much better, always experimenting with the bass to get it deeper, louder and hitting you in the chest. I always want standards to be raised and never to rest. Rest when you’re dead, for now write like a machine.

I’m firing out a very strong 7 track demo to push to get a release soon. I’m looking for an established label, it always acts as a great catalyst to have an outlet, and it’s about time I got enough recognition to get out there and play, not to mention earn a few quid.

It’s always sad the uk rarely can get over it’s politics, it’s always the US or Europe that like what I do. Coming from the outside in, people suddenly like you. They have all had the demos too, but it just spurs me on to write madness that cannot be denied.

The Ghost is someone you want in your corner, and will fight for whoever supports him, not as a mercenary, but as a member of a squad. It’s a shame I haven’t found a squad to fight with long term yet.

Some bad luck with labels over the years, but I haven’t let myself become jaded, that’s just the way the dice fell. I’m writing the best electro weirdness of my life and improving constantly, so someone will want to back it. It so different though, which can put a lot of people off, but it lasts far longer than anything else, because it sounds like nothing else.

Last years 31 tracks for 12 months was a good tally but should have been 40 plus. Hopefully I can push to over 40 tracks in 2012. It will leave a huge bag of tracks to wreak havoc with, wherever they may launch from.

The Ghost That Walks