Cadaver Jack – First Bomb Of The Second Wave

The Jack has landed, now lets see if I can conjure up a crop of sonic switchblades to match.

I’ve tried to think back, did this extra door in the creative well ever open before, I think maybe, but it was exhausted pretty fast, this time is utterly different.

Sure there are people thinking yeah right, “in your opinion” these tracks are hot, but I always set the bar at the best of the best, and I’m frequently not satisfied. I could stamp anyone’s name on this track, past or present and people would say it was a great track. It’s going to be slightly embarrassing for those that hear this and the big bag of electro with it, and pass it by.

I’m enjoying this feeling very much, it feels limitless right now, we shall see what happens next, but confidence is even higher than it normally is, alpha wolf in full flow. I will see if this can sustain and what wonderful bombs can be exploded over cities worldwide.

The Ghost That Walks