The Midnight Spirit Maker

A long gap again, but at least I have a valid excuse, Midnight Spirit Maker is pretty cool, although I’m lagging behind on my totals for this year, just got to dig deep and muscle through with the blue skinned one’s help.

I might decide to make some more short 1 day tunes, as Autoplasm got picked by Zyntax Motor City for release, and it’s a great but short tune that I did in an afternoon for an advert, then decided it was too good for them and kept it!

Escape The Curse and Demons And Dumb Beats preceded them, and both made the picks too.
I’m at the contract stage now, and I’m sure Last Known Trajectory will be right on their heels, looking forward to making great tunes for both.

I’m going to look around for a publishing deal to cover me wherever I release, rather than trying to self publish via ASCAP, or sign individual publishing deals. Plus I feel I’ve got more to offer than before, and a good publisher can help open doors for film, tv , games etc. I think I’m now good enough to push hard for new ghostly opportunities.

What has been clear though, and I’ll point this at the DIY champions, I’ve got more results through spending time working on the quality of the music and to progress I’m going to need to raise the bar ever further and higher.

If I attempt to self publish, promote push too much myself, I know, deep down, it’s going to kill off my chances. To be able to come back and write a stack of current tunes that people want to release, after all this time, shows clearly where my energies need to flow in future, always.

I’ve got to let go of the past, forge a new path, making better contacts is part of that. It held me back before, I’ve got the up to date skills, but need to get my name known with the right people.

My excuse, a giant tear in my retina of my right eye, and I type this now with an eye patch on, what a pain in the arse, but I was so calm and still am about it. It may be a good couple of months before I have vision back, and I don’t know what it will be like. It could also recur, or happen in my good eye.

So long as I don’t go deaf, I even started to think up ways of getting all the music software on speech, and parameters of synths on controllers. At least I could register as disabled and make tracks all day, but I would of course be blind.

Just shows you how my mind works, especially since it’s fused with the demonic spirit of the Ghost.
He forgets sometimes that he inhabits a mortal body, but I have to admit even if you chopped my arms and legs off I would still make tracks, and try to make them better than anyone else just to prove a point.

So I’m backwards and forwards to hospital in London, as well as starting a new job, I have to try to take a few more interesting photos, so here are a few from London.

The Ghost walks with you…
The Ghost That Walks