Legowelt – The House Of The Alpha Wolf


Welcome to the House of Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt.

Playing a big part in the history of Bunker Records, carving his way through more international clubs than you can name, remixing and recording for prestigious labels like Clone, Minimal Rome, Cocoon Recordings and his very own Strange Life label.

Step into the world of Mr Wolfers…


You had a real education discovering Bunker records in your hometown in The Hague when you first started.
What did they teach you, and is there anything you learnt that you still carry with you even today?

    Yeah basicly just to not give a fuck about what anyone thinks of you or what you are doing, to not bow to any peer pressure…that pretty much the whole “dance” music industry is just a facade of the dumbest and stupidest people imaginable and that its pretty easy to exploit all that haha!

You’ve been lucky enough to be successful early on, and keep a strong momentum going.
Is there anything you have picked up from your experiences that has really helped to boost that momentum.
Maybe something that you did where you really thought that was really incredible.

    Well I can’t do much else…this whole music producing thing has been my job for more then 10 years now…i guess thats the most incredible thing in these times. I don’t think there is one particular thing that helps to boost the momentum, its all small and little things that add up together I guess.

Another part to that question, is there anything you have seen
other artists do that really blew you away,
that you really admired and wanted to emulate yourself?

    Yeah that is pretty much the driving force of any artist I think? The
    inspiration of other artists which is basically a fundamental need to imitate/copy their music but in the end will end up different cause you will always use different elements/colors or maybe it just sounds
    different cause you’re technically incapable or lazy. But yeah there are so much artists that blew me away its too much to mention…starting from when I was young I wanted to be Underground Resistance, Aphex Twin, Orbital, Unit Moebius etc. all the usual suspects.

You’ve had a vast number of releases over the years through the 90’s, the last decade and beyond,
you clearly have a passion for it that is still burning bright.
What’s behind keeping you motivated for so long? Most people would be burnt out and jaded by now, how do you do it?

    Always look for something new….you got to push your own music to new directions be open to all kinds of influences always keep searching for new music new instruments new cultures new ways of producing etc Its a giant journey of discovery or something

You’re extremely busy with writing, DJ mixes, releases,collaborations remixes and touring the US this month too. Does it feel like it has always been this way for you? Do you feel sometimes you want to stop and take a breath? How do you cope with it as it can be mentally very draining.

    Well its not the hardest thing in the world, its all pretty dream-like and thats what it feels like I guess it doesn’t feel mentally draining at all, on the contrary its an extremely inspiring energetic job…i get to make music, travel the world be in all kinds of crazy adventures…i feel very privileged every second I am doing this cause I couldn’t have dreamed this when I started making music

Are there any mistakes you have made along the way that you wouldn’t want to wish on anyone else?

    Hmm not really maybe I shouldn’t have sold my Oberheim Matrix 6

What are your thoughts on social media? Do you think it’s a valuable tool for musicians or something that’s just a passing phase that will be superseded. Maybe even go back to more physical and emotional experiences again. Hence maybe why festivals are getting bigger and bigger.

    I don’t really think about those things, I got twitter I like that cause its fast and very fragmentary and pretty much doesn’t make sense at all…its not really that important to waste your brain cells thinking about. I stopped using Facebook cause its pretty fucked up in a way, becoming a kind of evil institution where people just give all their information and give up their privacy just like a bunch of mindless sheep. Apart from that for most people Facebook is just a thing to show off how cool and great you are…I guess twitter is all that too but kind of different I used to have a Legowelt Facebook thing but last year I just deleted it. There is still a Legowelt fan Facebook or something but I got nothing to
    do with that its run by some weird fan but people think its me and mail that guy or something its kinda fucked up and scary.

What would you say to artists or labels starting now, as it is so hard to become established.
What have you learnt that you think could apply to people starting today in electronic music?

    Just don’t give a fuck about anything and don’t expect anything I have no further advice

How do you think music will be consumed in the future? What’s the forecast for your productions and where do you see them ending up? I could easily imagine some cool product tie ins with a Legowelt soundtrack.

    I have been thinking of that sometimes how music will be in the future, I think there will be new breakthroughs in how we perceive music…i dunno exactly what or how but there will be probably some scientific discoveries about frequencies and how they affect the brain or mind or whatever…
    It will be a much more intense experience…either by just amplifying the frequencies in certain ways, new kinds of speakers/sounds/implants or whatever…not sure how but it will go this way as I have a feeling that sound/music is a very fundamental energy in the time space continuum. Then there will be a time when music will be taken much more seriously and become more sacred like it used to be in times of the dawn of man. I don’t think i will see this in this lifetime it will probably take another few hundred years before we get there.
    As for my own productions I have no idea were I will take it thats all going to be a surprise for me and the listener

You can buy records from Legowelt at Clone Records and get updates from the official website Legowelt.