100 Sticks – Precision Parkour Training

100 Precision Jumps – Stick Them All

After seeing Kie WIllis do 100 sticks, way bigger and better than anything I can do,
it inspired me to see how many I could do, on just a small jump.

Started off overshoting loads, surprisingly easy to get to fifty, so just kept on going.
My form got better the closer I got to 100, and my quads did hurt, but it was nowwhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be.

True to form, the 5k run and 100 stair machine steps came straight after this, it’s like a warm down, I can do it no matter how tired I feel.
There’s no race, or attempt to better my time, I run it within what my body can handle, the stairs now are easy, all done switching and twisting from one side to the other.

Discovered this makes my ankles, calves and achilles strong, and gets the joints used to being twisted in different directions.
My calves never ache now, quads do, core does, but the rest of my legs keep on going.

Hope this stands me in good stead for The Rage.