Biography: Recording as both Bishop and The Ghost That Walks, I’ve a 25 year history in Dark Electronic music, waay before it was fashionable, and a few have tried to imitate my sound and think I haven’t noticed…

I’ve had some great compliments along the way, from Helena Hauff, Mad Mike of Underground Resistance, Lawrence Burden ( Octave One), Andrew Weatherall, Andrew Price (Satamile), and my last releases on Bass Agenda and Zyntax Motor City were the best tracks I’d ever put out, so still able to kick ass when called upon.

I’m not. Dead. Yet…

After a lot of effort and life sacrifice for the music I had to think what next? I’m a very creative and imaginative person , and the music couldn’t bring me that creative day job.

So I’m now heading into the world of film, and planning my own action film, a lot of learning, planning and fund raising to do. I hope to shoot September 2018, and use it to get my foot in the door of the film industry, to get where I always wanted to be, as a working creative force.

That’s where the philosophy of The Ghost began, and is still there, forged in iron, and tougher than people realise. If an oppurtunity to bring The Ghost That Walks music in via the film route, I will grab it, and hopefully bring it to a new audience, and some fresh blood for those of you that have always kept an eye on what I’m doing. It’s an honour to have people enjoy what I do and amazing that some have told me it has changed their life. Now that’s powerful indeed.

So for those that think I’m finished… I’m definitely not dead yet.

Alongside the vast chasm of film learning that I actually understand now, I’ve changed physically and mentally too. I’m becoming the man I always wanted to be, it’s astounding. All for this film, so if you want to make a big change in life, this is one way that may work for you.

But whatever it is you choose.. The Ghost Walks With You….

The Ghost That Walks

Film and Dark Electronic Music

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