The Old Man In Flight – The Rage Training

Speeding It Up – Old Man In Flight

Got some good pictures of some speed vaults during training for The Rage.
Still need to do a lot, lot more, but four years of injuries limits the time I’ve got before the shoot.
I’ll get as far as I can and make the best with what skills I have.

Got to work on pulling less of a face when vaulting, or come up with a cool “movie” face when moving.
To be fair, I have a picture of David Belle vaulting on my desktop, and yes he looks much cooler and smoother than me.
However, he’s definitely pulling a gurn.

I do keep forgetting, that I am pretty much fifty, and most people are falling to pieces at my age.
But that’s never been good enough for me, I’m fitter now than I’ve been for years.
Haven’t even really got started yet, so that’s a good sign.

The Ghost Walks with you …

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Back On The Parkour Speed Vaults

Parkour Speed Vaults

Got my parkour speed vaults back nice and quick, so long as you keep the hips high, there’s no danger of ever clipping.
Done these enough times in the past that even if I clip my feet, or my knee, I’m still going over, and still on my feet too.

Just got to watch that sciatica. Took me years to figure out the tighter your hamstrings get, the more they pull on your pelvis.
The pelvis then pulls down, bingo, sciatica or even worse a pinched nerve that over tightens your hamstrings.

Solution : Stretch them out every day, and every session.
Just don’t stretch anything else apart from your calves, achilles.

Stretching causes injury, unless that part is designed to stretch, like the hamstrings.

Especially bin the old quad stretch, that physio classic.
Funny how all my injuries started to heal as soon as I stopped, shoulders too.


The Rage – Loralie’s Car – The Villain

Loralie’s car.
The Corrado G60, Loralie’s and Cassie’s car in The Rage is back after yet another round of repairs.
When it’s good it’s a great car, when it’s not it’s a pain in the arse.
Let’s hope it’s ready in time for the film.

Formerly a show winning car, I mistakenly thought, it’s beeen in a garage, hardly used, it will be flawless..
I was sooo wrong.


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