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The Dark One Returns – The Music is Reborn

If you make music you know what you go through.
Are you going to get anywhere, are you sh*t? Are you wasting your time?
Where can I find help or are you looking for someone to help you?
It’s tough there is no doubt, the people I expected to give me advice and wisdom gave me nothing.
The people that I expected to tell me nothing told me more in a day(Mad Mike & Floyd from Underground Resistance, Ron Murphy, NSC) than others did for 5 years (Andy Weatherall, Stefan Robbers, Random Xs, U Trax, Djax).

There is luck involved, I haven’t had much, but more than most, a few deals, a few missed opportunities.
I’ve always felt I’m watching other people succeed and I should be in their place.
Now I’ve realised that I have to focus more on my own path, and learn from others.
Thank god for the internet, where you can find out what you need, much better than in the past…
Here are some links where I’m learning and educating myself about what is happening now, arm yourself, don’t wait for other people for do things for you
These are some of the best sites I’ve found so far, this has helped me to keep going and not to give up, to stay current and up to date.

Stay strong, and use these tools to keep yourself well trained.

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For Music & inspiration