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Dark Electro: “The Selected” – Dark Electro

Dark Electro – “The Selected”.

This could have been the theme for the 4400, that selected bunch of electro fuelled mutants, brought in to deliver the world from evil?…

Or maybe to push it over the edge….
Music For Dark Films, Horror Music, Dark Electro, Orchestral, or Sci Fi Film, Live & Studio recordings.

Dark Electronic Weirdness.....

Strangest Dreams turn Into Electro

I had a strange dream. When I have a strange dream, they are really very, very strange.
But they don’t actually happen all that often.
Last night, I dreamt I was being given a forewarning by someone of a disaster.
I had to be out of a shopping centre before a bus crashed into it, and in the dream I just made it out.
It turned out the “disasters” were engineered by aliens, intent on causing chaos to allow invasion.
Not very original, eh? I was running through the chaos and the aliens started to reveal themselves.
Sitting in transparent ships, coloured light green and orange, like light shades, attacking people, animals, cars, buildings
anything that could bring down humankind.
Somehow I made it through the chaos with the help from my guide, and that’s all I can remember….
I think I’ll use this as a concept for the dark electro tracks I’m writing now.
Inspiration from dreams, and that wasn’t even a weird one…

Till next time, stay strong and don’t let the arseholes bring you down…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks