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Virtual Sonic Weaponry for ALL

Have you opened your eyes and ears lately to
what can be done to build a sonic arsenal for you to infiltrate the
hearts and minds of the people? It used to take years to build up
weaponry, training, BORING jobs. Then came the first virtual plug ins,
slow heavy and sounded like sh*t. Not anymore. Then came Reason still a
force to be reckoned with.
Now the virtual fighting machines are everywhere and as good as the
real thing.
But what has opened my eyes, and should open yours is one word:
“Torrent”.Do you need to earn thousands of pounds to acquire these weapons. No.
the playing field is now LEVEL.
All you need now is a powerful computer, you don’t even need to buy a
Mac anymore: “Jas”.
If you burn with rage and passion to make music, build the flesh and
bones of an athletic PC. But before you do search the virus storm on
the Internet for the two quoted words. That’s all you need and the rest
will unfold for you before your eyes.
Now you can compete with the rich and famous without the riches. Let
the games begin…

The Sonic Soldiers Have Landed: D-Day Imminent

The Sonic Arsenal has landed, battered,
bruised and battle fatigued, but still ready for the
coming battle. Superficial wounds only, adjustments for altitude and
climate walked through with ease.
Slipped through the net of thorns, undetected, untraced, the Ghost will
follow soon with more weapons of sonic destruction. Traveling along the
much more dangerous route, cleverly disguised as a tourist along with
the unsuspecting flock.The border guards are yet to invent a supernatural scanner, when they
do The Ghost will have to retreat to the underground to transport his
psychotic evangelism around the world.
Till then, no one suspects a thing, just another number amongst the
unaware victims of this unreality….

The War begins in xxxx days….

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks