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Bass Agenda Release – Previews – Coming Very Soon


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted, but here is some good news.
Bass Agenda have some previews of my forthcoming release due July 11th up on Soundcloud.

Until I land a new computer at Christmas, my old PC just can’t take the pressure of tunes anymore, it’s 8 years old!

You can purchase via iTunes, Junodownload, Beatport, Clone and Amazon

Invader Of The Grid
Tazers In the Sun
The Devils Kiss
Master Of Destiny
Blood & Lace
The Fall Of The Tower

I miss it, but I’m ready with all the software I need to fully load it, back with a bang and a boom…
On top of that I’ll be making a lot of new tracks for the film as I write the script, I just won’t have time to write it all afterwards, as I’ll be deep in editing, fx, grading you name it!

Training right now is slow due to knee injury, but being fixed with a new weight program by my coach. A lot more agile and despite my aching legs and knees they are starting to take the pressure. A lot less tight now due to the stretching exercises I’ve been given.

Money well spent, and a great coach who has an answer for just about every problem or niggle I have. He’ll get me through the film in one piece!

Still learning a lot about cinematography and film making on a daily basis, definitely something I want to break into in future, and this film is the only real way to do it, so it’s got to be done!

Will be looking at boosting my funds for it soon, although I can only do a trailer, the full film would need backing from a production company. It will make a great visualisation of what I can do and how it will look. Chances are different people when it comes to the full feature. That’s just the way productions work, as I now know!

Keep it dark, and keep on fighting …

The Ghost That Walks

Bass Agenda Interview With The Ghost That Walks

Bass Agenda Interview with The Ghost That Walks

– Friday March 14th 8pm till 10pm GMT

– Saturday March 15th 6pm CET Paris

– Sunday March 16th 8pm EST Deetroit!

and Bass Agenda archives

The Evil one gets to shoot his mouth off in a very rare outing.
Why oh why do I let him out in public…

We get to go back to the beginning, how it all started, what inspired The Ghost, what it was like in Detroit, what it was like to struggle, fail and keep going to the point where a film featuring The Ghost That Walks dark electro will eventually and finally see the light ( or dark of day).

Get to hear what inspired me and him, from John Barry to John Carpenter, unreleased tracks and personal favourites from Zyntax Motor City and Satamile.

A very cool interview and thanks to Andy from Bass Agenda for his time and effort.
Tune in at various times and days from Friday 14th March onwards.

The Ghost That Walks - Bass Agenda Flyer
The Ghost That Walks – Bass Agenda Flyer

Zyntax Motor City Release – No 7

Zyntax Motor City No 7

Wasn’t totally sure about this, so a pleasant surprise that Zyntax Motor City No 7 is me again!
Demons and Dumb Beats and Furious Flames I love to bits, so glad to see them in the real world.

4 extra tracks by evil puppeteer The Ghost That Walks on vinyl.

1) Demons And Dumb Beats
2) Dreaming In Pain
3) Trick Of A Cold Heart
4) Furious Flames

This is all the news I have on it so far, I also got Record Of The Month on Interstellar Sounds for Zyntax Motor City No 6. Not bad at all…..

interstellar sounds