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The Six Spells Of The Ghost Are Cast

The agonising wait in Limbo is almost over.
Time has stood still and tortured The Ghost,
teasing and promisng so much, then removing it,
just as he can feel the cold steel at his fingertips.

Now the Bass Battle strategy begins,
the six spells have been chosen to slip into your consciousness,
silently, unseen, unheard, ready to subvert from within.
The spells to be cast when the leaves fall from the trees are…

Urban Jungle, Resident Evil, Nightdrive Detroit, The Angriest Angel, Seven Deadly Sons and The Machine.
For those of you who who doubted the low frequency occultism of The Ghost,
you are about to get a very nasty surprise,
as the thump of your heart and the sinking feeling in your gut confirm you misjudged his will for revenge.
So it begins…and for those looking for me on Last Fm, no spells will be cast there again…

The Ghost is returning from Electro exile, whose side will you be on?? Choose wisely…http://www.theghostwalk.com

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks

The Sonic Soldiers Have Landed: D-Day Imminent

The Sonic Arsenal has landed, battered,
bruised and battle fatigued, but still ready for the
coming battle. Superficial wounds only, adjustments for altitude and
climate walked through with ease.
Slipped through the net of thorns, undetected, untraced, the Ghost will
follow soon with more weapons of sonic destruction. Traveling along the
much more dangerous route, cleverly disguised as a tourist along with
the unsuspecting flock.The border guards are yet to invent a supernatural scanner, when they
do The Ghost will have to retreat to the underground to transport his
psychotic evangelism around the world.
Till then, no one suspects a thing, just another number amongst the
unaware victims of this unreality….

The War begins in xxxx days….

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks