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How To Master The Creative Mind – Part 2

How to figure out what is holding you back creatively, how to deal with that and get it on your side again. How to train it to work for you, without hitting burnout.

How to trick your mind in doing what you want, using bribery and breaking things down into smaller pieces.

Learn how to be honest and admit what is holding you back, then you can start to retrain your mind. Use small rewards, something simple, or larger ones if you have a much bigger, long term project.

If you just say you will only do 5 minutes, the odds are you will do a lot lot more, and when you feel like you’re running out of steam, just stop.

Furious Flames – No Borders or Boundaries

Why do artists peak, burn out or go crazy? Because their creative beast has had enough and refuses to move.

It’s not a slave, it’s sentient like a seperate entity, just stuck within your soul. You are the vessel.

Now I understand if you treat it with the respect it deserves, reward it, challenge it, don’t let it get out of shape, it will stay fighting fit, ever growing and morphing, for as long as you need it.

It has no limits and no boundaries, but needs rewards and achievements to continue.
You wouldn’t carry on working like a dog for nothing would you? So why should your creativity.

It’s emotive, so it needs to feel emotion, happiness, darkness, elation, love, thrills, experiences. They will keep it going and your ally for the rest of your life.

Experimenting and pushing what you do creates the challenge and achievement. Improve the mix, bass, motion, feeling, loudness etc all satisfies that beast.

This is track 29 since december 2010, proof that these theories work. These are the best tracks and they go on improving because they’re not the same as what went before.

People always expect the same, which is why people peak and die, trapped in a box by pressure.
The bass and loudness, not to mention the blurring speed of motion created by this tune , wouldn’t exist without experiments. Some experiments have to fail for others to succeed.

After not giving The Ghost enough rewards for its efforts, I finally bought a blu ray player for 60 quid at Sainsburys, a bargain.

30 Days Of Night looks great on it, and the first Hi Definition of any kind I’ve seen. A film tailor made for The Ghost and it looks and feels great to watch. So a few more blu ray discs will keep the creative beast going in future.

The Ghost Walks with You
The Ghost That Walks

I Came Back For You – Track 19 Electro Breaker

This was a little hard, but as usual turned out pretty good in the end, like they always do.
I will actually be discarding some good tunes, but the standards keep flying higher.

My mind tried to just grind to a halt the last 2 weeks, as if it has done enough and doesn’t need to do anymore. I spotted this and slowly pulled it back around.

I know it can be done and 45-48 tracks each and every year is very possible, if you make it part of everyday life, and not the magical holy grail.

You can drip feed your creativity, treat it like a well that runs dry after 2-3 hours, but fills up the next day. This avoids burnout because its not kicked hard and always coaxed into small steps.

Think I made the mistake of trying to push too hard as I missed a few days through passing out sleeping after work. Now I know what to avoid doing.

“I Came Back For You” is number 19 of the biggest batch of electro breaks tunes I’ve ever done. Amazingly it looks like the train is going to keep on rolling.

The Ghost Walks With You