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Electro – Send Them To The Cemetery Part 1

This is another one of those surreal episodes
in life, where things seem to be happening in sequence.
I have to sit and wait my turn for the next plot twist,
yet each episode blends perfectly into the next like a script.

I can feel it happening like words from a page,
and I can’t explain why.
My instincts are tuned to it better this time, so I just roll with it.
These changes in direction and keys turning are as unpredictable
as any Lost episode.

I just understand and accept them now rather than fight,
and it’s fascinating to watch, even though I’m part of it.
Sometimes I think, “why the hell did that happen?”
then as the dark plot unfolds further, realization dawns…
I guess I’m fighting less and saving my energy, accepting my fate.

I just say ok, where next?
I could never have guessed I would be where i am now,
writing Electro again, which I thought was finished,
AND getting a strong reaction to it, which I never expected
to happen so fast…another lock is shattered into a thousand pieces.

Big thanks to Jessica for the awesome photos.
Please check out her Flickr page to see where those
Gothic landscapes and dark images spring from.
A great style of photos and I hope i can feature more soon
in future videos.

Watch out for Send Them To the Cemetery Part 2 soon…