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The Beast – Let The Right One In

The last few weeks have felt like I need to change everything. To sweep everything aside in a Ghost assisted rage, until the only thing left is me and the dark music.

It’s as if nothing else matters anymore, and despite having a negative job and too many hours of work, the tracks still flow. Despite having a negative place to live, where I can’t rest and they only want me there for the cash, the tracks still flow.

To top it all off to have the girl you are with tell you are not good enough for her, because you’re not rich, you know it’s time to smash the board and start again.

Throughout all of this The Ghost still continues my training, and we still produce some glorious evil electro breaks experiments.

Now we hit tune No 24, The Beast, another dark , foreboding workout with the Ghost giving it his Underworld seal of approval. Perhaps because he thinks it will get into peoples minds and activate their inner Ghost too.

Everyone should have one, maybe you all do…you just have been living in denial….for the whole of your life…..unplug yourself and start doing something, never look back….

The Ghost walks with you ….
The Ghost That Walks