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INBOX, Guangzhou, China, British Council , Rhythm UK Anniversary

Previous Events for The Ghost That Walks
31st July 2005 INBOX, Guangzhou, China, British Council , Rhythm UK Anniversary with A Man Called Adam
This was a packed out place, and despite only playing for half an hour my best performance yet , by far.

They didn't want me to stop and had a really good reaction from the crowd. But A Man Called Adam were due to play, and they played quality tracks, and went down a storm.
It would be hard to find that kind of varied selection ( no cheese or bullshit) even in England.
Lots of people saying they really liked it & many took photos with me!
I tried to wave as much as possible in the middle of my set as their were so many phones & cameras pointed my way!
There may be better quality pics & video, if I can get them I will post them here.
This showed me there is a hunger for something different here, it's not all staple diet of big name western Dj's.
It will take a bit of time but I think I can build an audience here.
I hope to be back in Guangzhou (near Shenzhen) to play again, and maybe even playing my sideline of Soul/Motown. I've already had interest in hiring me for that.
I also had my first recorded interview for Chit Chat Trio (Steven Yang) for a Guangzhou radio station.
When I get a recording of the broadcast I will post it here for you.

Live @ NEW FACE Bar, Zhanjiang City, China

16th July 2005 NEW FACE Bar, Zhanjiang City, China,
After a very long journey by bus, 10 hours, which was a big oversight, arrived in Zhanjiang, knackered, just in time for the gig to start. Sound check was bollocks. I actually had to unplug in the middle of playing, kept having people say to me your set up is wrong, no it fucking isn't! It's so simple, you just plug in and go. Lo and behold the guy hadn't plugged it in properly (left & right how hard is that?), or checked the gain so I was overpowering the speakers. Next time I will take control of the soundcheck and have a prepared ableton file ready for a test. When I had finished the guy couldn't get the CD deck working again, with people complaining about the silence! Terrible, last time I give benefit of the doubt to anyone. The gig itself, I didn't play as well or as tight as I know I can, and again not happy with the smoothness. But it's the best so far. I kept my head up and watched people intently, to try to figure out what they like. Eventually people started to dance. I played techno in my style (recording to follow as I screwed up my minidisc so I have to wait for it). It gradually started to work. I played with the speed and watched 2 people sit down when it went too fast, around 145BPM is ok I think. I don't care what anyone says, after I threw in some teched up electro beats, they responded, slowly, but they did. I then got told to play techno again, a mistake I think, but I did. Yet I know what my eyes saw, and I will be ready to throw that again, as that's what I prefer to compose live and in the studio. I'm still not at the stage I want to be (technical audio glitch problems as well, just need to go back to an eariler ableton version), as it must be as smooth as a rehearsed set would be. But I now have a good guage of what people may respond to , as well as communicating with them and seeing what they like, actually working. When finished a few people told me they really liked it, couple of drinks bought for me, and I think it seemed to go down well. So it tells me I am on the right lines. What's disappointing is what was played by the Dj's afterwards got more response. As well as the DJ shouting (bollocks in any language) over the tunes, the music was bullshit cheesey crap. Couldn't play that if I tried, wouldn't anyway, I have to flex, but not bend over for this. I never was stupid enough to think I could be a smash here, but I could be at the forefront of building something new here. This will take some time.