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Dj Pierre Boiler Room Acid

Dj Pierre - Acid Man

Most of the time I find these things very boring ( watched a Ritchie Hawtin one and hurt my nose nodding off into the keyboard), but this man was just so cool, had to post it. Loved this , I would love to have the chance to play music like this as a DJ again one day. This is the way to do it, doesn’t matter if it’s vinyl, cd, digital, not perfectly mixed, just bang the party. Loved it, don’t just sit there, watch it!

I will watch a few more and post them if I like them.

Ron Murphy – Detroit’s Master Engineer Passes On

I just caught the news today that Ron Murphy has died.
I couldn’t not post about it, because he IS a Detroit legend and pioneer who helped innovate and shape the club sounds we hear today.

My only Ghostwalk label vinyl release was mastered by Ron.
He taught me a lot, more than anyone else, and helped make my productions sound better. Giving me advice about tuning the room, getting decent speakers and a spectrum analyzer. Things no one else had done despite three different record labels in Europe.

I was actually planning to try and get ALL my future releases on a new label mastered by him. I appreciated what he did for me so much and enjoyed  listening to his stories of Basic Channel, UR, Jeff Mills, I got to learn what other people were up to and how they did it! I wanted to pay him back by continuing to let him work his magic and wisdom on the Electro.

I’m sad I couldn’t get the chance to continue working with him.
Best wishes to his family and friends and Detroit will miss him very much for sure. You can listen to an interview with Ron from Submerge on an earlier post here.

Rest In Peace, The Ghost Walks With You… always…

The Ghost That Walks