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Corrado G60 – The Villain’s Car In the Rage

The Corrado G60

Polished up after a few months of no use, which really screwed it up.
Not the kind of car you can leave idle. I can’t work out if it’s a major design flaw, or age, or both.
Perhaps it’s just this one in particular.

Porsche BBS Rs Rims, Recaro seats, MK3 VR6 2.8 litre turbo charged engine with high lift cams, 300BHP.
That’s almost too much power for a front wheel drive car, but it never feels like a kick, acceleration is always smooth.

What happens to this car after The Rage is done is debateable. Loralie and Cassie then finally ALex will drive it away.
But will I want to keep it, or try and claw back the cash spent on it?

I don’t know , but either way it’s a special car that will enhance The Rage, and make a great villain’s car.
God know’s what I’ll do if someone wants it for a sequel.


The Rage – Loralie’s Car – The Villain

Loralie’s car.
The Corrado G60, Loralie’s and Cassie’s car in The Rage is back after yet another round of repairs.
When it’s good it’s a great car, when it’s not it’s a pain in the arse.
Let’s hope it’s ready in time for the film.

Formerly a show winning car, I mistakenly thought, it’s beeen in a garage, hardly used, it will be flawless..
I was sooo wrong.