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How To Master The Creative Mind Part 3

How to keep your creative mind in top shape, ready for battle against the competition and to go out there and fight for you. Stop it from being lazy and get it used to a schedule, then it will work for you like it’s second nature.

How to set targets for your creative mind, keep it in top shape and get it fighting for you, not against you.

Learn how to set the bar ever higher, build in failure and take off the pressure.
Taking long breaks is not a good idea, your creative mind likes a pattern and a schedule to stick to, if it doesn’t have one it gets out of shape and lazy, just don’t let it!

Above all it wants to help you and is on your side, and will fight for you if you learn how to treat it right.

How To Master The Creative Mind – Part 2

How to figure out what is holding you back creatively, how to deal with that and get it on your side again. How to train it to work for you, without hitting burnout.

How to trick your mind in doing what you want, using bribery and breaking things down into smaller pieces.

Learn how to be honest and admit what is holding you back, then you can start to retrain your mind. Use small rewards, something simple, or larger ones if you have a much bigger, long term project.

If you just say you will only do 5 minutes, the odds are you will do a lot lot more, and when you feel like you’re running out of steam, just stop.

How To Master The Creative Mind – Part 1

How to understand what the creative mind is and how it works, defining, and starting to think about how to train and make your creative mind do what you want, when you want.

A definition of what the creative mind is, how it functions and operates, and that once you know this, you can train it and get it to do what you want.

It’s split between conscious and unconscious. Creativity is less in words and more in feeling and emotion, like a whisper, not the chatter of the conscious mind.

Life events can knock it off it’s stride, so be ready for that.
But it can be trained, disciplined, but it also needs rewards and a break so it can be in good enough shape to do what you want when you want.