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The Electro Killer With No Name

This tune is so hot, I can’t name it yet. It needsĀ  a name that is cool as hell, short, snappy, deadly. So the moment you hear the name, it sounds devastating…THEN you hear it and BOOM!

It has to fit with the Ghost’s deadly game, but I just can’t nail one. Thought of names with Night Train in, Asphixiate The Night, Day Of The Stalker, Obsess and Caress. Just haven’t nailed the right one yet.

It will come to me, just got to send it into my unconscious mind to process and deliver THE Name.
Feels good to hit tune electro 27 and not be writing mush by now. Got a LOT of good energy now.
I really hope it helps draw a new job towards me, and then a decent home as my reward.

The end of November approaches, and after 12 months it’s looking good for hitting 40 tunes.
The quality has been great, and even if you discard a large crop, a very strong bunch of tone warriors are left behind, ready to take on all comers.

Then on the 1st week of Dec, it all begins again…
There will be one serious arsenal of tunes in my hand after year 2. Perhaps it’s like Highlander, the quickening, where each great tune enhances your power and prolongs your life.

We shall see…

The Ghost Walks with You
The Ghost That Walks

The Boom Goes On – Electro – “7 Deadly Sons”

The last two tunes took 5 days each.
So even though I put the work in to get them done,
there was still enough time to take a break, and work on internet stuff etc.
It seems like I post each track in a million places…

Now I’m toying with basic video,
Just a screen visualizer, think it’s more interesting
to look at, and another way to try to get stuff out there.
When I finally get some video of me out and about,
I’ll post that too, but it will be a while.

The time to send the bullets flying is close.
The 1 a week experiment is going well, and because
of that it’s time to demo out to some underground labels,
and just see what happens. I have 15+ targeted so far.
It’s been a while so I just don’t know how it will go.

Last Fm has been going well too
I’ve had that nagging feeling in the back of my brain
that I should be putting all my time in there,
and so far it seems that instinct is probably true.
I had the biggest jump in website stats, since I started.

So I’ll be putting a lot more time,
sleeping a lot less, while I try to tell as many people about
the new stuff as I can.
Good reactions too and even a couple of people who
have my old records, amazing after so long.

Maybe another sign I’m not wasting my time…