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The Devil’s Kiss – The Last Embrace

After a bit of a break, which sometimes my creative ghost commands, back with another breaks electro tune.

Despite a negative job, home , not to mention derogatory observations about my entire life and music, I have had a lot of energy lately.

Stronger than ever actually, which tells me I’m on the right track. It wouldn’t give me rushes walking down the street if I was unhappy or living a lie would it?

Collapse in adversity is not something that will happen, now or ever, there is no way back.
That bridge is a smoking wreck…

Perhaps freshening up my work and home environment will change that, the home will change shortly, and even though the rent will be financially crippling, feels like something I need to do.

So bring on the comments, barbs, hooks, bullets the attempts to destroy, chip away all day and night. You’re just going to end with them dissolving on impact.

I will be walking down the street without a drop of energy drained, and building more sparks by the day.

God help anyone if I learn to fire them into the air…

The Ghost Walks With You…
The Ghost That Walks

Sell Your Soul To The Devil

Are you one of those lucky people who isn’t prepared to sell your soul
just to get what you really want?
Why is it so many people will do anything, crap on anyone, behave like
a pack of hungry dogs who have a scent of fresh blood, just for WANT?
I’m glad I’m strong enough to resist that, money doesn’t make it for
me, but achieving things with honour and integrity, earning that way is
the route to take for me. It’s harder , rockier and the road less
traveled, but I wouldn’t change it, and I have suffered for it. Maybe
even lost some deals, because I wasn’t prepared to sign in my own
blood, and give the hordes of hell a new victim to gorge themselves on.
All will come good, full circle, I can feel it coming, don’t ask me

Don’t give up on your dream, just don’t give up who you are…

The Dice Roll a 666

For once the Devil and the full Moon seem to be on my side.
The Dice have rolled in my favour for a change, and what I needed
turned up at just the right time.
I’ve said goodbye 4 days earlier to the mental case of an obstruction
in my way, so now that lead weight has been removed from back so I can
sprint forward again. Back up to speed, to catch up with the race that
the rest of the dark underworld is powering along.

No interest in being taken down the black hole of greed and selling my
soul for money.
Friends, my time , my music, cannot be sacrificed for anyone, and it’s
the height of pure arrogance to say ” I own you and your time”. Keep
taking the tablets, if the Doctor hasn’t upped your medication, then
you need to see one, or maybe two, one for each split personality…..

Always strong, never defeated. Never give up or let people take from
you what doesn’t belong to them.