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Dj Pierre Boiler Room Acid

Dj Pierre - Acid Man

Most of the time I find these things very boring ( watched a Ritchie Hawtin one and hurt my nose nodding off into the keyboard), but this man was just so cool, had to post it. Loved this , I would love to have the chance to play music like this as a DJ again one day. This is the way to do it, doesn’t matter if it’s vinyl, cd, digital, not perfectly mixed, just bang the party. Loved it, don’t just sit there, watch it!

I will watch a few more and post them if I like them.

Which Do You Value More? You Choose…

Now I’ve been making music in various forms for a long time now, electro, dark ambient, techno, and now orchestral.
I’m not mainstream and never will be, so I appreciate when someone likes what I do.
I value them very highly, you are nothing without people who like what you do, and I like to make music that others feel something for.

My biggest fan in China is Wing, who saw me play live at the Rhythm Uk Anniversary in Guangzhou, and turned out to support me twice when Dj ing
Hip Hop and Soul at Zinc in Guangzhou. So it was nice to see him and his girlfriend again in Shenzhen, since it’s been a while.
I value this kind of thing very highly, forget work, money, you can’t put a price on that kind of thing.

It’s up to you which path you choose, friendship and a real link, or acquaintances, money, plastic faces and words.

Wing and Janet with The Ghost That Walks

Wing & Janet with The Ghost That Walks….
The Ghost Will walk with them wherever they go…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks

Following in The Footsteps of Kirk Degiorgio

Yet more and more revelations for me listening through the Red Bull Academy podcasts.
Wajeed talking about Detroit and how much passion he has for music, even above business, and going with what you feel.
Talking about the atmosphere of Detroit and what it means to make hip hop there, is something I understand.

Kirk Degiorgio did some of the same things I did. He went to Gratiot Avenue and knocked on the metal door of Metroplex.
I went to the same door and knocked on it as Transmat, I was just unlucky enough not to meet anyone there, but yes I have a photo from the wall like a picture from cyclists out of Tour De France.
Also after people here moaning about me using a laptop, Kirk Degiorgio uses it in EXACTLY the same way I do.
Processing the tunes in Pro Tools, importing them and warping each tune by hand in Ableton, then chopping up sections of the tune to allow them to mix and get creative. Cutting out bass and mid to make an acapella, adding percussion loops etc. Exactly the same.
Ectomorph does the same, and many Dj’s now use Midi controllers for the performance aspect, which I need to get hold of.
So more and more, lecture after lecture, confirming again and again what I’m doing and how I’m thinking IS right.
Just at a time when I am giving up on China, this has to be the strangest time for this to happen, but it’s happening….

More next time… Stay strong, no retreat , no surrender.