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First Big Drop – Made It In One Piece

Big Drop – Well At Least For Me It Was

So I’d had a good session, legs feel good, knees feel good.
So I take a look at this drop, for young dudes it would be easy, but for old man parkour, a fresh challenge.

Since I’m going to have to take a few hits, leaps off balconies for The Rage, I gave it a shot.
Always follow my instincts, if the body says no, leave it alone.
Today it said yes , but take it seriously.

The impact was a shock, not rolling forward due to the slope, a mistake.
But I took it with no injuries at all. The roll forward is crucial, even if it’s terrible, just have to dissipate that force.
That force! The conditioning in my legs from 5k runs and 1000’s of steps on the stair machine, saved my butt.

Rest assured I won’t be doing another one unless I can roll forward.
I even went shopping afterwards, I’ve gotten more injuries rolling out of bed, amazing.