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The Recognizer

The Recognizer is electro tune No. 30, and it’s not bad considering it took 2 weeks to get the mighty supernatural turbines running. One thing this has taught me, Don’t take long breaks – if you’re rolling keep going and don’t stop.

Your mind likes patterns and routines and it can be programmed to fit what you want. I put notes up on doors where I see them in the morning. Telling me what to do when I get home.

This then sinks into my dark subconscious, slowly throughout the day, so it becomes an instinct later in the day, usually 9 hours roughly.

Now I’ve started composing as soon as I get home, something which I never did before, a little food to stop me falling asleep, and it seems to work.
It must be th the first and only thing you do, any distraction at all, and your emotions will make you slack off. No internet, no phone calls, nothing, the first thing you do.

Sleep – something I have pushed the envelope on for decades, now I realize that a decent sleep gives me more energy later in the day to write.
Being tired is also your biggest enemy as it tries to override everything. If you’re too tired it will stop you doing anything at all.

Once December starts I will roll straight into a fresh counter of zero. Think my ratio of 30 tunes in 12 months isn’t high enough, it should be 40. I think I can do that every year, year in year out.

Now all I need to do is to get the best of the crop out there earning and subverting.

The Ghost That Walks