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Escape And Burn – The Smoking Djinn

As hard as I try to change my situation it does feel stuck. Like trying to move a wall by sheer will alone, feels like a superhuman task.

What is amazing is my job is changing to be rid of people and the aspects of it that I don‘t like. This is amazing that you can will something to happen and it does.

But it’s not the place I need to be, and life cannot move forward without it. So thanks for the delivery as always, but back to the mind bending and string pulling to pull apart the universe, and piece it back together to form a new golden path to Ghost Walk along.

Smoking Djinn is the 26th tune of my electro breaks workout, and will be polished off tonight.
Tough sometimes to fight through tiredness and emotions wanting to give up, but I fight on, as behind me lies death and a life painted in grey lifeless colours.

Not what The Ghost wants or plans for me, sacrifice for the right reasons as usual, although it seems right now like one big sacrifice with no payoff.

Keep on believing you’re the “one”…

The Ghost Walks with You
The Ghost That Walks

Desperation Island – Is There Any Escape?

The 23rd Track, is it Breaks or Electro? I don’t even know anymore, I just do what The Ghost That Walks dictates.
Pushing those instinctive buttons until something desolate, dark and foreboding appears.

It FEELS better to do that, than to stick to a formula, the sounds and the atmospheres dictate what is born, and the tracks I’m happiest with are the darkest and strangest ones, where you just let go.

They also have that nuclear occultism of The Ghost’s energy locked within them that freezes them in time. I can spot the tracks where instincts weren’t fully in play.

It has been very tough to keep going, as my emotions have been trying to get me to stop. But I believe I can carry on, I just realize not to kick the creative side too much, and drip feed it only 2 hours a day or so, then give it a break do something else you enjoy, to help recharge the fuel rods so they always run hot.

I also admit it would help to have a further outlet for this hot batch of tracks, and they are easily as strong if not stronger , than Satamile 043, so I hope Satamile wish to take some of the new soldiers on. Because they’re getting restless not being able to get out there in the thick of the Underground War to fight for the Underworld…

The Ghost Walks With You…..
The Ghost That Walks

Man Of The Cult – 21st Electro Occultism

“Man Of The Cult” – the 21st high quality electro tune of the Universal Electro batch. The last 5 have raised the bar to a higher level.

It does sometimes feel as if malevolent forces are pulling my strings like a bizarre marionette, and that what spews out has nothing to do with what I want.

I was just chosen as being the vessel to transport the word of the cult, whether I like it or not.

That’s my destiny and I cannot escape it or change it.

There are never ideas, concepts, musings, just a blank mind, emptiness…
Then I turn the key in the lock, let the spirit through and it begins.

The Ghost That Walks then directs what sounds are approved by the underworld, and will pass the demonic test. If I don’t get it right, I will be tortured from within until I do.

There is no escape….

So now I start onto the 22nd scroll, more spells to be cast.

The Ghost walks with you…
The Ghost That Walks