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Eyes On Fire – Electro – No 20 – The Coin Toss

Finally finished “Eyes On Fire”, it just needed a sound that fitted the dark energy atmosphere, and that took a while. Happens sometimes, just have to keep searching until my mind says “that will work”.

Battling fatigue a little, plus the gargantuan number of tunes, the biggest tally ever, has made my mind want to sit down and say that it’s done.

Feeling that it’s doing this, and picking it back up and soldiering on is tough, but at least I know why it does it and how to combat it.

It doesn’t help that I have some life decisions to take care of, needing to find another job, to allow me to get a better place to live. But no matter what the circumstances, I must still write. Too much time and opportunities lost to waste the last chance I have.

So if life starts to stick its heavy boot into my ribs, do I need to get rid of that part of life? That’s the coin toss, as I can carry on, but do I want to.

I need to see and feel happiness in that direction, or what’s the point? Attractiveness fades lightning fast when it becomes angry and lashes out at you.

And all just because you care..but that is never what I deserve, I am better than that.

That’s my dilemma….

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